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Grow Your Blog By Helping Others

Published November 20, 2016 by nruhwald

penYou can do this in two ways. First, by supporting other bloggers by reading and engaging with their posts. Second, by using your blog to teach other people how to do things.

Be Active On Other Blogs

I’ve known about this strategy for a while, and talked about it in an earlier post on the subject, so I’m not going spend much time on it, except to say that being interested in other bloggers makes them more likely to be interested in you. Furthurmore, the more active in the blogging community you are the more you learn about things that can help you in blogging.

Things like StumbleUpon, and possibly Reddit and GoodReads, depending on what your niche is. These sites still seem rather mysterious to me, since I’m still trying to wrap my head around Pinterest and Twitter.

Help People Get What They Want

But I hadn’t considered the teaching aspect until my post offering blogging advice gained attention like crazy. At the time of this writing, it is the single most popular post I have even written.

Which makes sense, really. The vast majority of my readers are other bloggers, and they all want to know how to grow their blogs.

I’ve also noticed that pretty much all prosperous-looking blogs seem to be developed primarily to teach people. They offer courses, instructional e-books (sometimes for free in exchange for signing up to their e-mail list), infographics, and more. This includes large blogs in my niche. These ones just happen to also have a few pages about their self-published books in addition to the course material. (Most traditionally-published authors don’t tend to have this instructional element to their website, as far as I am aware.)

As someone who is not totally opposed to the idea of monetizing one day, great. As an artist, this concept gave me pause. Don’t I want to be known for my novels more than online instructionals? Don’t I want to spend time writing and not doing other things?

For me, yes this is true. I also don’t want to become one of those blogs so bogged down in ads that the blog becomes virtually inaccessible. The video pop-ups are the worst for this.

Depending on your style and what kind of blog you write, this may be true for you too. The good news is, you can benifit from the same strategy while not taking it to the same extent Mr/Ms Fancy Pants Online Tutorial does.

I’ve decided to keep up with the blog and writing tip posts. But I’m also posting more of my own fiction, because that’s primarily what I’m about.

So make use of whatever strategies out there you can, but just remember you don’t have to do it the way someone else does.

God Bless.

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