About Me

These are the thoughts of a fiction writer and part-time philosopher. My current post-secondary institution has accused me of aspiring to be a librarian, but the jury is still out.

As a fiction writer just beginning to wade into the murky waters of self-publishing, I will also be posting updates about my books and what I’ve learned along the way. My debute novel, The King’s Children, will be available as a free ebook in 2018.

Not enough? Okay, here’s more.

Name: N. A. Ruhwald aka “Tish”

Age: Old enough to have a high school diploma, a BA degree, but apparently still not old enough to have an adult job and move out.

Song currently running through my head: I See Fire by Celtic Woman.

Favourite foods: Chocolate, chocolate and raspberries, chocolate dipped strawberries, did I mention chocolate?

My pet: A betta fish named Amazon aka “Fishy”.

Location: Canada

Favourite authors (in no particular order): Ted Dekker, Frank Peretti, H. G. Wells, J. R. R. Tolkien, and C. S. Lewis.





12 comments on “About Me

  • I really like your site! I’m in the process of editing my first novel which is a supernatural fantasy. I’ve only just started my blog and haven’t included any excerpts yet as I’ve been posting funny snippets, but am working up to it! It’s great to know you are here!

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  • Hey Tish,

    I am so glad that you are going to get your first book published. I must say your blog looks well organised. TheI choice of theme,color combination, the way widgets are placed all look fabulous. You are so professional when it comes to content.


  • 15-06-2011 o 17:24WÅ‚odek W&n(Åp; Napisas‚ba):W sobotÄ™ jadÄ™ z Kacprem do Polanicy. Start mamy już opÅ‚acony we wÅ‚asnym zakresie a dojazd wÅ‚asnym Å›rodkiem lokomocji W niedzielÄ™ oczywiÅ›cie Rajd Rodzinny, żonie też siÄ™ należy odrobina pedaÅ‚owania


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