I Dub Thee: Writer

Published July 19, 2016 by nruhwald

man-1465441_1280Many of us, including myself, struggle with deciding whether or not we are worthy to be called a writer. Or whatever your chosen title is. Artist. Singer. Blogger.

But we wonder…are we to be taken seriously? Am I a writer? Are you? Or are we simply “people who write”?

The answer occurred to me recently, and it’s much more encouraging than I thought it would be. The difference between a writer and a person who writes is simply this: the one who writes thinks writing is easy.

The person who writes. The dabbler.

The one who thinks, of course I could do this too, if I only had the time. As if time was all that is required. Obviously, writers don’t have full-time jobs, or children. Writers sit about all day writing and sipping tea, and publishers are happy to publish their work, and readers are happy to read.

The writer knows how difficult it is. The writer pores blood, sweat, and tears into her/his work, never knowing if s/he will ever find an appreciative audience. Or if said audience will continue to be appreciative.

Now, many of us may be amateur writers. But there is no shame in being an amateur writer. All professional writers were amateur at some point. An amateur simply has farther to go, and less promise of reward than a professional.


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