The Importance of a Good Pen

Published June 14, 2016 by nruhwald

writingfantasyPens in the Writing Process

Everyone writes differently. Personally, I like to write everything out on paper first, and then type it up onto my computer.

But that sounds like a lot of work, you say. What’s the point of making more work for yourself? It’s really less of a make-work exercise than it sounds. I do this for two reasons: creativity, and editing.

Writing is a lot of work. More to the point writing-editing-rewriting-editing-editing is a lot of work. While I type up what I’ve written, I get a good opportunity to give my prose a once-over, tightening up sentence structure and sometimes adding things when needed.

Of course, there are always those days when I’m feeling a bit lazy and just highlight trouble spots for later.

As I’ve mentioned before, I like to do anything deeply creative with a pen and paper. The keyboard is the realm of blog posts, school assignments, and editing. Although occasionally if I have a creative moment and want to vomit it onto something in rough strokes, I will use a keyboard because I type faster than I write with a pen.

Qualities of a Good Pen

A good pen has to be your partner in the editing process, an extension of yourself. In order to fulfill these requirements, a pen has to have three traits: a soft grip, easy flow ink, and a fine nib.

The soft grip is a must because if things are going well, you’re going to be hanging onto that sucker for a long time, and you don’t want to be interrupted because your fingers are getting sore. Or because of the dreaded writer’s cramp.

Easy flow ink is for me by far the most important attribute. I hate having to fight with the pen to get it to write for me. It also has to be dark ink, so I can read it easily. I have enough trouble reading my own writing without having to strain my eyes because the ink is too pale, or a weird colour, or I used a pencil. I like gel pens for this, preferably the ones that don’t leak at the nib too much.

The fine nib is more of a personal preference. I think it looks neat and professional, and it means I can write smaller, thus making the best use of my writing journals.

What do you like to write with?


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