What do you mean…?

Published April 10, 2016 by nruhwald

Or in Dalek-speak: Explain! Explain!

It occurs to me that the title of my blog merits some expansion. As this is the first post of my blog, it seems this should be the proper time to do it.

I’m an introvert, and like many introverts I like to think rather than speak. All those thoughts have to go somewhere, so here they are. As it happens, most of what I like to think about falls under some combination of truth, facts, and fiction.

At least for the purposes of this blog, truth is not the same thing as fact. They’re close, but facts are data that can be interpreted in different ways. If you get the interpretation right, then you have truth. If you don’t, then you have fiction.

Fiction can be used in for deception, or it can be used to point towards truth. Fiction can masquerade itself as fact, like those fun little urban legends I love to read about on snopes.com. If someone interprets facts incorrectly, or outright twists them to serve their own purposes, then you have fiction that looks disturbingly like truth. For instance, there once was a time when doctors promoted certain brands of cigarettes. Yikes.

But fiction can also be used to point towards truth. Parables and allegories are used to illustrate truth in a way that a simple telling of facts couldn’t. This is what I hope to do in my own fiction.

So, in this blog, I’ll be posting about various kinds of fiction: urban legends, stuff scientists say that isn’t true, or at least is not certain enough to be told as truth. I’ll also be posting about the truth in fiction, hidden meaning that can have profound influence, good or bad. This is a writing blog as well, so you can expect some how-to’s, updates on my journey, and the occasional rant on pet peeves.



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